I have to be honest, I never really had that thing for the color green. If you work in fashion, like I mostly do, the color green is experiencing its ` greatest shift ever – from greyish, forest green, a color most likely loved by German high school teachers, to a clear, bright, vibrant green, which is not only brought to us through the creative masterminds at Bottega, but also through our most favorite source of happiness: Matcha.
Since we opened HPPY Matcha in May this year, I have met so many people, who believed not to like Matcha at all. This is what I tried to explain:
It’s easy to not like Matcha. Because good Matcha is basically not available in German grocery shops. It’s like wine, or coffee – you have to taste your way through that culture in order to understand what makes a good Matcha and which one to stay away from.
There are some pretty easy rules for good Matcha (in case you don’t have time to do your very own Matcha research):

Talking color

The color has to be vibrant green. If you buy your Matcha in a regular supermarket, it’s likely to be greyish-green, which is just not very recommendable. Great Matcha is shade-grown and first flush-picked. This makes the leaves super green and full of chlorophyll and allows for the best quality and taste.

Talking taste

You might have been tapped into the same trap I did, when I started my Matcha journey back in the days. I bought the most expensive, organic Matcha available in my favorite organic supermarket – and that weird fishy flavor kicked in pretty hard. Good Matcha doesn’t taste fishy at all. It’s more a creamy, sweet and slightly herbal taste experience – anything but fishy.

Talking price

Let’s be straight forward – Good Matcha is expensive and unfortunately can hardly be found in supermarkets. And here is why: The most delicious Matcha has got a quality level called “ceremonial grade”. Taste is important, but can’t stand alone. Organic farming, fair work environments and clean products are equally relevant. This is what makes high quality Matcha a superfood. It’s green gold.

Oh, and by the way. Green, as you all know, is famous for spreading hope, positivity, and happiness. And this is for real: Matcha makes you happy. It raises your serotonin and dopamine levels, just like after doing sports. Amazing feature intimes like these.

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